Why Choose SurePath?

We actually want to help you choose the right agency...imagine that!

It's Sort Of A Big Deal

Marketing is one of the most important things that happen in a business. Without it, there can be no sales and without sales, no revenue.  No revenue, no profit.

Since that’s true, it’s crucial you choose the right marketing company/agency.  So even if you don’t choose us, consider this list as you choose the right agency to help you grow:

Choose a result oriented, direct response marketing company.

There are 2 main types of marketing a company can do.  Brand/Awareness Marketing and Direct Response Marketing.

Brand/Awareness:  The Goodyear Blimp flying above a stadium hoping that when the 100k fans that are there cheering on the team need a tire they’ll remember them is brand marketing.  The dollars spent are building the brand and name recognition which isn’t bad, but it doesn’t mean that there would be a direct correlation of revenue to the marketing dollar spent.

Direct Response:  direct response marketing, on the other hand, presents an offer to a particular group of people and expects that some of those people will buy during the sales cycle.  It is measurable and concrete.  The goal is to make more profit than you spend in marketing dollars.

Also, a company can be a direct response organization and still not be working toward the right goal.  Determining what success looks like upfront is important.  For an agency that offers SEO, they might define success as a top 10 ranking for a term the client wants.  For us, we look at overall traffic growth and revenue from that traffic as the success metrics.  It’s always about results and results almost always map back directly or indirectly to sales or quality leads that turn into sales.

Choose someone you trust.

This one is the hardest to determine up front usually. Ultimately you have to go with your gut and heart…however look at whether the company did anything to try to build that trust first without asking for anything in return.

For example, we try to train, educate and help our clients as much as is feasible for free without asking for anything in return. This positions us as an expert and builds trust and rapport as well.

Choose someone who becomes one of the team – your team.

The best marketing agency is going to eventually know your business, customers and products/service nearly as well as you do. They may never be the expert you are at fulfilling the service or building the product but they should always be learning more about it so they can do what they do best – namely coming up with new offers and ways to market your business.

Look for a company that acts like and, more importantly, markets like they work for you in your business. Although it’s a small thing, when we discuss projects and ideas with clients we find ourselves saying our prospects/customers, our products, our site not your…look for ownership at that level.

Choose someone who has fair pricing that will produce a decent return on your investment.

You run a business and you want and have the right to earn a fair profit for the products or service you provide your clients. So does a marketing company that grows your business.

HOWEVER, marketing fits in that unique space where it has to pay for itself. Sports cars, puppies and office furniture don’t have to bring a direct return on investment. Marketing should.

So, aside from the first month or 2 while things get ramped up if you’re not earning more than you spend your marketing, it’s not working. Stop doing things that don’t work!

Choose a company that doesn’t require you to sign a long term contract (or any contract).

We don’t require clients to sign contracts. If we get you results, we have earned the right to keep your business. If we don’t, you should be able to choose someone who can.

We know that we can generally get results fast, but even we ask (keyword ask) that you give us 3 months to tweak the system into a finely tuned marketing machine.

No reason to make it more complicated than it needs to be.  At the end of the day, if you choose an agency that gets these 5 things right, you’ll have a great company to work with for a long time.  

If you meet our requirements, we’d be honored to have you apply to work with us.  We limit the number of new clients we bring on board each month.   In addition, we are picky about who we work with but rest assured if we do work together, we want to build a long-term and highly profitable relationship with you.