The Pipers Hut

Let us help you grow your business through the web

The Request

Retail is hard.  It can be even harder when you have a small but loyal niche you're selling to.  The Pipers Hut asked SurePath to coach primarily while doing some marketing projects along the way in an effort to grow their business, work less hours and systematize so they could build an exit strategy.

The Challenge

They had a small but loyal list and solid sales.  But their website was completely outdated and on an old, unsupported platform.  To make matters worse they had no employees other than themselves and a VERY small budget to work with but a bias toward action and an incredible work ethic combined with a can do attitude.  With that, we got to work!

The Approach

We employed several strategies starting with increasing profit margins with a small price increase and change to their shipping policies which thrilled their customers before increasing sales.  After swapping out their e-commerce platform and improving their site, we optimized every product they sell including SEO.  

From there we completely overhauled their PPC program and increased traffic while reducing spend and distributing sales across multiple product lines.  We also created an entirely new revenue stream by creating several online courses that they promoted and sold online .

The Results

In less than 18 months we were able to:  

  • Spearhead overall growth of 274% nearly tripling revenues!
  • Increased profit margin by nearly 12%.
  • Created a new, highly profitable, revenue stream using online courses and webinars to sell.
  • Created a road map for the future so they are able to efficiently hire and outsource.