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Filling rooms with direct mail and even online marketing through the client's marketing organization was becoming more unreliable and also more and more expensive.  Also participant quality was decreasing while costs were steadily increasing.  


We used Facebook ads to send targeted, qualified traffic to an optimized landing page offering the free seminar.  At first our cost per registrant was very high but through ad testing and landing page optimization we lowered CPA significantly.  

In addition, we eventually, through testing, got the show up rate of registrants to attendees above 50% and even better attendee to appointment rate of over 75%!

We implemented an automated marketing system that nurtures the leads at just the proper intervals and in optimal ways to get them excited about the event.


For less than the cost of 2 mailers, the client has been able to:  

  • Reach over 75,000 people that perfectly fit his target
  • Put over 300 people in seminars in just a few months
  • Book appointments with over 75 buying units
  • Write over $1M in business